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For the 5sos fam

Message to new fans:  Well first of all; Welcome. I wish you patience and a strong heart because these guys will probably ruin you. Second we do not send hate. I don't care how old or young you are or if your opinion is valid or not. WE. DO. NOT. SEND. HATE. This is a family we don't need that shit. Just don't do it. it's a big no no.
Message to fans who've been here since the beginning:  You are not better than everyone else. you're a fan, and so are we. Don't act like you're the shit because honestly you're not. We're all on this together. I mean brag about it if you want but don't tell people you're a better fan because you've been there from the start. Its not true. No One is better than anyone. We are all one.
Message to fans with a lot of followers:  You are NOT the queens of the the 5sos fam. We are all equal so treat other people equally because in the end we're here for the music and four Aussie turds. Don't look down on people it's not cool and it just makes them feel like shit.
Message to fans who don't have that many followers or asks:  Who cares! You are apart of this family and you don't need a bunch of messages and pointless numbers to tell you that. We are all one.
Message to All 5sos fam:  You are beautiful and I love every single one if you. I don't care if you follow me or not, I love you!!!!! We are a family and your burdens automatically become mine so feel free to talk to me about anything. I'm here for you! Also enough with spreading rumors. that's just not cool



if scared micahel isn’t the fucking cutest thing ever you’re lying!