Tumblr wouldn't let me have my name

Hiiii. I'm Ariel (:
twitter: @Ari_3L
instagram: @narrybxrry

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I give up.


reblog if you see your sunshine in this picture

Anonymous asked: -doesn't look at you and keeps walking with the boys, laughing- xx. -Harry

….*goes the other direction going to the bus stop*

Anonymous asked: -we bump into each other- xx. -Harry

*fixes my glasses and looks down* s-s-sorry i didnt see you t-there. im sorry. ill get out your way. *walks away holding myself*

Anonymous asked: -leans on the door frame- So, it's not washed? Oh, I'm sorry..I didn't mean to pressure you. I'll just come back. Thanks. -walks out- xx. -Harry

*says to myself* youre so stupid! dammit! *sighs and outs the reast of the clothes in and walks out*